Kiln Services

When working with urban trees it’s important to make sure you take all the necessary steps to ensure the products going into customers’ homes are appropriately treated. We are thrilled to be able to offer the highest quality of kiln-dried wood thanks to our iDRY vacuum kiln

Kiln Drying Services

*Due to high demand for our products, we are only able to dry shorts (4' or less) to fill out loads.

The iDRY kiln uses vacuum technology and heat to dry wood, decontaminate it and make it safe by USDA standards to be inside of homes. Unlike a lot of big box stores that clear-cut green trees and then press the pulp into particleboard that is often just retextured to look like wood furniture, our products are all real, mature trees and our goal is to preserve their natural beauty.

This means to ensure the quality of the wood and guarantee that any bugs who once called the tree home don’t end up roaming around your house kiln drying is a must.

We also offer kiln drying to other wood enthusiasts, woodworkers, and hobbyists looking to add value to their wood and make it more workable and home-ready.


$0.20 per board foot/day

iDRY kiln drying wood


$0.20 per board foot/day

$300 minimum charge

Kiln Capabilities

  • Up to 2000 bd/ft
  • 12’10” long
  • 54” wide

Operating Hours

By Appointment Only:

Mon – Sat : 7:00am – 07:00pm

Sunday : Closed

Contact Info

44 St. Croix Trail, F-1 Lakeland MN, 55043


Telephone: +1(651) 242.8747

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